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Sadness in Chocolate town

Hershey, Pennsylvania, or “Chocolatetown, USA,” is a town known all over the world. It’s a magical town with chocolate kiss-shaped streetlights, and streets named Chocolate and Cocoa Avenue, a town literally built on chocolate. The town exists because founder Milton … Continue reading

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Boeing’s red barn

In a red barn was born the largest airplane manufacturer in the world, the Boeing Company. The barn was built in 1909 (just six years after the Wright Brothers’ first controlled flight) as part of Edward Heath’s shipyard on the … Continue reading

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Christmas flowers at America’s garden

      I’m repeating a favorite post from last Christmas. Enjoy. Happy holidays to all.   One of my favorite places in Washington, D.C., especially at Christmas, is the United States Botanic Garden, one of the oldest botanic gardens … Continue reading

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Fright night in Sloss Furnace

I’ve visited a lot of historic sites in the world and while they’re each unique in their own way, I love it when I find the rare place that is unlike all of the others. Recently I had the opportunity … Continue reading

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16th Street Baptist Church

I felt history in a powerful way last week. Surrounded by my history colleagues from around the nation, I had the great fortune to visit 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, the historic African American church where 50 years … Continue reading

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Campobello’s happy and tragic memories

[This is a repeat of one of my favorite posts – Enjoy!] Nineteenth-century author Sarah Orne Jewett wrote about visiting the home of the Brontë sisters in England: “Nothing you ever read about them can make you know them until … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the Smithsonian

Since today is the Smithsonian’s 167th birthday, here’s an adaptation of a previous post I wrote about the Smithsonian Castle in Washington. The Smithsonian exists because of the generous and somewhat odd gift of a British scientist, James Smithson, who … Continue reading

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One of America’s unknown capital cities

Frankfort, Kentucky is a state capital that gets lost among more prominent and well-known capital cities in the United States, perhaps because it ranks near the bottom in terms of population. This small town sits between Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky’s large … Continue reading

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If this map could talk…

I stood staring at one of the largest and most compelling maps I’d ever seen, from floor to ceiling it covered an entire wall. I love maps and I could have stared at this plywood map for an hour. Its … Continue reading

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An unexpected Lincoln house

Most people associate Lincoln with Illinois. They do not expect to find Lincoln history in Vermont. On a recent trip to the Green Mountain state, my family visited Hildene, the home of the Lincoln family for 70 years… Robert Todd … Continue reading

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