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America’s worst naval disaster?

Imagine a quintessential Maine seacoast town. What does it look like? Shaded streets, white buildings, a green in the middle? Many Maine coastal villages have these features, but few boast such a fascinating history as Castine. Situated on a narrow … Continue reading

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The Cabildo, witness to history

If these walls could talk… I don’t usually walk around personifying historic buildings and wishing they could talk to me. But every now and then I think how cool it would be if buildings could speak about the events they … Continue reading

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George Washington danced here

Gadsby’s Tavern was on my list of historic sites to visit for many years, but I could visit it any time so never did. Finally, I can cross it off the list. The occasion of a friend’s birthday celebration brought me there for … Continue reading

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O, say can you see? Stories of a national anthem

On September 13 and 14 Americans will commemorate the bicentennial of the Battle of Baltimore, a mostly forgotten battle in U.S. history… except that it gave the United States its national anthem. The song is a stirring tribute of the battle by … Continue reading

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The only bike race of its kind in the U.S.

Anyone who has read my book (A Grizzly in the Mail and Other Adventures in American History) knows of my past attempt to ride a high wheel bicycle. Imagine my glee when I heard about a high wheel race, the only one … Continue reading

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One of the most powerful historic views

  With a little imagination, the power of place is palpable. Looking out over the tranquil fields today, a visitor to Gettysburg National Military Park can see the long line of gray soldiers moving forward and hear the pounding of … Continue reading

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A whalebone sidewalk and more

While perhaps best known for its spectacular aquarium, its otters and Cannery Row, Monterey, California has a fascinating history that illustrates the turmoil of shifting power over many years. Monterey was the capital of the region of Alta California under both … Continue reading

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California’s Independence Hall

“It is not an edifice that would attract any attention among public buildings in the United States; but in California it is without a rival.” — Rev.Walter Colton, alcade of Monterey (chief magistrate), 1849 Is it misleading to call Colton Hall … Continue reading

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Crissy Field in San Francisco

I’m a planner, so when I travel I’m usually intentional about seeing places that relate to my professional history interests. But every now and then I stumble upon a place that was somehow off my radar. Such was the case recently when I visited a … Continue reading

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A Lewis and Clark anniversary

Two hundred ten years ago tomorrow, May 14, at 4 p.m. three boats loaded with enough supplies to fill three modern semi trailers and about forty-eight men, crossed the Mississippi River into the mouth of the Missouri River beginning a … Continue reading

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