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Where food and history mix in San Antonio

I recently visited San Antonio, Texas again. The famous historic sites in town are, of course, the Alamo and perhaps the Spanish missions. But I explored a beautiful area of town once called “Sauerkraut Bend” with a main street named … Continue reading

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George’s bath tub and Abe’s cottage

In honor of Presidents’ Day in the U.S.. which celebrates the February birthdays of both President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln, here are some past posts about some not as well-known sites associated with these two famous leaders. George … Continue reading

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Sadness in Chocolate town

Hershey, Pennsylvania, or “Chocolatetown, USA,” is a town known all over the world. It’s a magical town with chocolate kiss-shaped streetlights, and streets named Chocolate and Cocoa Avenue, a town literally built on chocolate. The town exists because founder Milton … Continue reading

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One of America’s unknown capital cities

Frankfort, Kentucky is a state capital that gets lost among more prominent and well-known capital cities in the United States, perhaps because it ranks near the bottom in terms of population. This small town sits between Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky’s large … Continue reading

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Places to eat in New Orleans

I just returned from a short trip to New Orleans and since the city is well-known for its culinary goodness, I dutifully did my part to eat in as many restaurants as possible. Many restaurants in the old part of … Continue reading

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Historical dining – A Kentucky tavern

I like to eat in eighteenth century historic taverns. I have great memories of evenings spent enjoying gambols at Chowning’s Tavern in Williamsburg and eating at the other restored taverns in the colonial town. Then there’s City Tavern in Philadelphia … Continue reading

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