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Ironbridge Gorge’s place in world history

The world’s first iron bridge. Continue reading

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An American gun story

I’d never seen a national park in development so I seized the opportunity at a recent conference I attended in Hartford, Connecticut. If all goes as planned, Coltsville National Historical Park will one day preserve a major manufacturing story of America. … Continue reading

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City of Ships

On a recent vacation in Maine, I asked a native of the state what her favorite Maine small town is. She lives in Blue Hill and works in Castine, two quaint and beautiful towns. I was a little surprised when … Continue reading

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Gunpowder along the Brandywine

I recently taught a workshop at Hagley, site of the original gunpowder business of the great French immigrant family, the du Ponts. I brought with me childhood memories from school trips to the site many years ago and wondered what my adult … Continue reading

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Where food and history mix in San Antonio

I recently visited San Antonio, Texas again. The famous historic sites in town are, of course, the Alamo and perhaps the Spanish missions. But I explored a beautiful area of town once called “Sauerkraut Bend” with a main street named … Continue reading

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Place of aviation genius

I’m not sure if people who visit the Wright Brothers’ house have preconceived ideas or not. If they’ve read about the brothers, they will not be surprised that it is a very modest middle class house. As with any historic … Continue reading

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Stepping into history

Have you ever looked at a historic photo and wished you could step into it? (I have, look for it at the end of this post.) I made my annual trip to the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis recently, to teach … Continue reading

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Sadness in Chocolate town

Hershey, Pennsylvania, or “Chocolatetown, USA,” is a town known all over the world. It’s a magical town with chocolate kiss-shaped streetlights, and streets named Chocolate and Cocoa Avenue, a town literally built on chocolate. The town exists because founder Milton … Continue reading

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Boeing’s red barn

In a red barn was born the largest airplane manufacturer in the world, the Boeing Company. The barn was built in 1909 (just six years after the Wright Brothers’ first controlled flight) as part of Edward Heath’s shipyard on the … Continue reading

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Fright night in Sloss Furnace

I’ve visited a lot of historic sites in the world and while they’re each unique in their own way, I love it when I find the rare place that is unlike all of the others. Recently I had the opportunity … Continue reading

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