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The Cabildo, witness to history

If these walls could talk… I don’t usually walk around personifying historic buildings and wishing they could talk to me. But every now and then I think how cool it would be if buildings could speak about the events they … Continue reading

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A whalebone sidewalk and more

While perhaps best known for its spectacular aquarium, its otters and Cannery Row, Monterey, California has a fascinating history that illustrates the turmoil of shifting power over many years. Monterey was the capital of the region of Alta California under both … Continue reading

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The Roman wall of Chichester

I love walled cities and have admired walls and walked on walls in various cities around the world, including Lucca, San Gimignano and Siena in Italy, Ronda in Spain and York in England.  York’s walls are considered the longest and … Continue reading

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The world of Charles Dickens

When in London, I always try to visit some favorite places and some new sites. This past trip several people had mentioned the newly reopened Charles Dickens Museum, and raved about its new interpretation. I’d never seen the house, so … Continue reading

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A little known monument in east London

In London, directly across the Thames River from the O2 arena sits a rather obscure memorial, lost among the high rise apartment buildings surrounding it. A passerby might think it’s a modern sculpture of sorts. It’s a pile of gray … Continue reading

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Campobello’s happy and tragic memories

[This is a repeat of one of my favorite posts – Enjoy!] Nineteenth-century author Sarah Orne Jewett wrote about visiting the home of the Brontë sisters in England: “Nothing you ever read about them can make you know them until … Continue reading

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American history in London

Several blocks from Trafalgar Square, with Nelson’s Column, fountains, lion statues, and pigeons, in the heart of London sits a short street of well-preserved Georgian homes in the shadow of Charing Cross station. At number 7 Craven Street, a small … Continue reading

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If this map could talk…

I stood staring at one of the largest and most compelling maps I’d ever seen, from floor to ceiling it covered an entire wall. I love maps and I could have stared at this plywood map for an hour. Its … Continue reading

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Canada’s Capital Canal

I attended a conference in Ottawa, Canada recently and was completely enamored with this capital city which consistently ranks very high on quality of life polls. Its history as a city goes back only to 1826 when a village called … Continue reading

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Queen Victoria’s private beach now open

Queen Victoria’s private beach now open

Now this is a great idea. Interpret Queen Victoria’s beach, her bathing routine and specially-built bathing mobile, allow people to use the beach and swim in the water, and provide Victorian-era entertainment. Whoever thought of this idea is thinking outside the historic house box. 

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