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Last battle against Britain

The iconic view of New Orleans includes the dramatic statue of Andrew Jackson on a rearing horse, the St. Louis Cathedral rising in the background. The statue commands  the surrounding park, Jackson Square, named for the man who became a hero … Continue reading

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O, say can you see? Stories of a national anthem

On September 13 and 14 Americans will commemorate the bicentennial of the Battle of Baltimore, a mostly forgotten battle in U.S. history… except that it gave the United States its national anthem. The song is a stirring tribute of the battle by … Continue reading

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One of the most powerful historic views

  With a little imagination, the power of place is palpable. Looking out over the tranquil fields today, a visitor to Gettysburg National Military Park can see the long line of gray soldiers moving forward and hear the pounding of … Continue reading

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California’s Independence Hall

“It is not an edifice that would attract any attention among public buildings in the United States; but in California it is without a rival.” — Rev.Walter Colton, alcade of Monterey (chief magistrate), 1849 Is it misleading to call Colton Hall … Continue reading

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Boeing’s red barn

In a red barn was born the largest airplane manufacturer in the world, the Boeing Company. The barn was built in 1909 (just six years after the Wright Brothers’ first controlled flight) as part of Edward Heath’s shipyard on the … Continue reading

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The Roman wall of Chichester

I love walled cities and have admired walls and walked on walls in various cities around the world, including Lucca, San Gimignano and Siena in Italy, Ronda in Spain and York in England.  York’s walls are considered the longest and … Continue reading

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Tallest monument in Vermont

Most Americans don’t associate the state of Vermont with the American Revolution (the most likely state candidates are Massachusetts and Pennsylvania). Except Vermonters. They celebrate a legal holiday every year on August 16 – Bennington Battle Day – to commemorate … Continue reading

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If this map could talk…

I stood staring at one of the largest and most compelling maps I’d ever seen, from floor to ceiling it covered an entire wall. I love maps and I could have stared at this plywood map for an hour. Its … Continue reading

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A fort in an idyllic place

Had I been a soldier in the early 1900’s, I would have begged to be stationed at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island, about 30 miles north of Seattle. This idyllic island (I will try not to keep repeating that adjective), … Continue reading

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One of America’s best war monuments

I’ve visited Indianapolis various times in the past few years for business  and can’t seem to drive through town without passing by Monument Circle, the huge public space in the center of town, just a block or two from the … Continue reading

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