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Happy Anniversary to the Pilgrims

It’s not every day a history site in the United States gets to celebrate a 400th anniversary. (for perspective, 2026 marks the 250th birthday of the US)  This year was supposed to be the big 400th commemoration of Plymouth, Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Carolyn Gilman: My favorite history site

Our Favorite Sites is an occasional new feature of Historyplaces where I ask public historians to talk about their favorite history sites and share some of the challenges they face presenting history to visitors. Carolyn Gilman is Senior Exhibit Developer … Continue reading

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The Cabildo, witness to history

If these walls could talk… I don’t usually walk around personifying historic buildings and wishing they could talk to me. But every now and then I think how cool it would be if buildings could speak about the events they … Continue reading

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Paddling in a birchbark canoe

I’ve been going to Maine annually for a number of years, going back to a rental house on the water and enjoying the beauty of Mount Desert Island. Most people visit Acadia National Park for the scenery, unrivaled on the … Continue reading

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The Roman wall of Chichester

I love walled cities and have admired walls and walked on walls in various cities around the world, including Lucca, San Gimignano and Siena in Italy, Ronda in Spain and York in England.  York’s walls are considered the longest and … Continue reading

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Jamestown’s foothold in the New World

The three ships look surprisingly small for an ocean voyage. Even smaller when you consider that 104 passengers were crammed into them for five months. Reproductions of the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery sit at anchor in a cove of the James … Continue reading

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A little known monument in east London

In London, directly across the Thames River from the O2 arena sits a rather obscure memorial, lost among the high rise apartment buildings surrounding it. A passerby might think it’s a modern sculpture of sorts. It’s a pile of gray … Continue reading

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Up close to ancient history

It was one of the most unusual history places I’d ever visited. Perched high on a ladder over a deep canyon, all because of a National Geographic Traveler magazine article, I surveyed the scene:  brilliant blue sky, bright sunlight, canyon … Continue reading

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