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One of George Washington’s churches

Three churches in northern Virginia are usually associated with George Washington: Pohick Church near Lorton, Christ Church in Alexandria, and the Falls Church in the city that was named for it. All remain active churches today and their exteriors have … Continue reading

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A whalebone sidewalk and more

While perhaps best known for its spectacular aquarium, its otters and Cannery Row, Monterey, California has a fascinating history that illustrates the turmoil of shifting power over many years. Monterey was the capital of the region of Alta California under both … Continue reading

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16th Street Baptist Church

I felt history in a powerful way last week. Surrounded by my history colleagues from around the nation, I had the great fortune to visit 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, the historic African American church where 50 years … Continue reading

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Boston favorites

I just returned from Boston and once again enjoyed walking miles through the neighborhoods. It is truly one of America’s great walkable cities. I took a guided walking tour of historic Beacon Hill and no surprise, ended up on the … Continue reading

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Conflicting thoughts about Plymouth

It’s Thanksgiving in America and our thoughts turn to Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, or Virginia or wherever it really happened. I think Virginia and Massachusetts are still arguing that one. In any case, I visited Plymouth, Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Thinking of Jefferson on President’s Day

Monday is President’s Day in the U.S. While we normally think about Washington and Lincoln, since their birthdays were in February, the third President Thomas Jefferson seems to be the President whose name is popping up everywhere in recent days. His restored … Continue reading

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A country church

I love taking drives along the country roads of Virginia, especially this time of year. One of the many neat features of the state is the historic churches that dot the landscape. Their histories reveal all kinds of interesting stories related … Continue reading

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An unexpected place in Philly

A diamond in the rough sits near historic Laurel Hill Cemetery not far from the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Many cities in America boast a wealth of historic churches and synagogues in various states of decline.  As the populations of America’s … Continue reading

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Swiss German history in Pennsylvania

Often we fail to visit the history sites in our own back yard. I lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for twenty-five years or so and never made it to the oldest house in Lancaster County, the Hans Herr house. I rectified that this … Continue reading

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