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An unexpected house museum in Breckenridge

I’ll admit it, I didn’t expect to find a fascinating story of African American history in Breckenridge, Colorado, one of the state’s ski towns. A museum colleague suggested I visit the Barney Ford house. I’d never heard of Ford. Since … Continue reading

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History high in the Rockies

High up in the Rocky Mountains at 11,481ft, outside of Breckenridge, Colorado, sits a ghost town of  long abandoned buildings. They stand astride the Continental Divide at the Boreas Pass. They’re a tribute to the railroad days of this mining area. Today … Continue reading

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Colorado Chautauqua

Just returned from my second trip to Colorado this summer, this time for work. Had two free days to explore and decided to forego history for once and focus on nature.  Day one was a spectacular hike near Vail. On day two,  a friend … Continue reading

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Local history in Durango, CO

I love it when I stumble upon an excellent local history museum –it’s even better when it occupies a historic building. I recently visited the Animas Museum in Durango, Colorado. Durango is a wonderful town tucked into the foothills of the San … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon history

Most people would probably not think of the Grand Canyon as a place of history… geologic history yes, but local history, no. As one of America’s major national parks, it is known for its beauty and grandeur. Sure various Native American groups … Continue reading

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Up close to ancient history

It was one of the most unusual history places I’d ever visited. Perched high on a ladder over a deep canyon, all because of a National Geographic Traveler magazine article, I surveyed the scene:  brilliant blue sky, bright sunlight, canyon … Continue reading

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Seedy history

On a recent trip out West I once again ran across many places that want to market their past as a historic house of ill repute, brothel, bordello… those places where “sporting ladies” made a living. I must admit I’m … Continue reading

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