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History near the blossoms

One evening a few days ago I left work, turned into the setting sun, and walked west toward the Jefferson Memorial. More and more people crowded the sidewalk, all heading the same direction. The swarm was headed toward the cherry … Continue reading

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The Castle in Washington

I know Spring is just around the corner in Washington when the magnolias behind the Smithsonian Castle bloom. The red turreted Castle, the administrative center of the largest museum complex in the world, is an architectural oddity on the National … Continue reading

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Annie Leibovitz and history places

I recently visited a fascinating exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington. The museum itself is a history place in that the building it shares with the National Portrait Gallery is one of the most historic and beautiful … Continue reading

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Thinking of Jefferson on President’s Day

Monday is President’s Day in the U.S. While we normally think about Washington and Lincoln, since their birthdays were in February, the third President Thomas Jefferson seems to be the President whose name is popping up everywhere in recent days. His restored … Continue reading

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The other Lincoln memorial in Washington

Since this is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, it seems appropriate to write about a memorial to him in Washington, D.C. No, not the famous one shown in movies, but one that has become misunderstood over time. Lincoln Park sits twelve blocks east … Continue reading

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A new memorial in Washington

National memorials, like the events and people they commemorate, require the distance of time to allow proper consideration of their place in the landscape and to earn a spot on the “must see” stops on the D.C. tourist list. Washington … Continue reading

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The car in President Wilson’s garage

Most presidents flee Washington when their time in the White House comes to an end. Who can blame them? President Wilson, the 28th inhabitant of the Executive Office, was different. He moved into a house in the Kalorama neighborhood of … Continue reading

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The first air force

The National Mall in Washington is the nation’s front yard, site of major national gatherings. Lining the Mall are various Smithsonian museums and the National Gallery.  I’m sure many people have no idea that the Mall has not always been … Continue reading

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Lincoln history and Chinese food

Last night I experienced the power of place in an odd way. Having seen the movie The Conspirator recently, I became intrigued again with the events surrounding the assassination of President Lincoln. I’ve been to Ford’s Theater, site of the … Continue reading

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