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Gunston Hall, home of George Mason

Gunston Hall, eighteenth century home of patriot George Mason, sits on a bluff commanding a spectacular view of the Potomac River – not far downriver from George Washington’s Mount Vernon and just over 12 miles by road. As close neighbors and Virginia politicians, Mason … Continue reading

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One of George Washington’s churches

Three churches in northern Virginia are usually associated with George Washington: Pohick Church near Lorton, Christ Church in Alexandria, and the Falls Church in the city that was named for it. All remain active churches today and their exteriors have … Continue reading

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History relevance at Mount Vernon

I’m fortunate to live near George Washington’s restored estate, Mount Vernon. I’ve visited in all seasons, in the spring to see the mules, at Christmas to see the camel and taste the chocolate, in early summer to see the farm site, and in the … Continue reading

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George Washington danced here

Gadsby’s Tavern was on my list of historic sites to visit for many years, but I could visit it any time so never did. Finally, I can cross it off the list. The occasion of a friend’s birthday celebration brought me there for … Continue reading

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Story of a bad boy – Portsmouth revisited

I’ve rhapsodized a bit in a past post about how much I enjoyed a visit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and hoped to return. I got my wish and recently spent several days there teaching a workshop. One of the great things … Continue reading

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Washington Square in Philly

I would venture a guess that most people outside of Philadelphia have never heard of Washington Square, a 6.4 acre park sitting diagonal on the city grid from Independence Hall, birthplace of the United States.  This vast grassy park is … Continue reading

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The President and his mules

Nope, not President Harry Truman, who said “My favorite animal is the mule. He has more horse sense than a horse.” You may be surprised which president. Last spring I was doing some research about the history of mules in … Continue reading

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America’s crown jewel – Independence Hall

If you asked most people to name the crown jewel of American history places, they would probably, maybe, hopefully say Independence Hall in Philadelphia. After all, the nation’s most important documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were debated … Continue reading

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The unexpected Mount Vernon

You know you’re a history geek when… you get excited about visiting a basement. OK, this wasn’t just any old basement. It was the basement of probably America’s most famous historic house (after the White House). I recently had the opportunity … Continue reading

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Beyond Mount Vernon

I’ve visited George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, many times, but this past weekend I finally visited another Washington site that I’d been curious about for years. Just three miles down the road from Mount Vernon sits Washington’s distillery and gristmill.  The … Continue reading

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