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A Lincoln log cabin

Abraham Lincoln has  been on my mind this week because Wednesday was the 150th anniversary of his assassination. Plus, I just returned from a trip to Illinois, the land of Lincoln, where it seems one is always several miles from a … Continue reading

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George’s bath tub and Abe’s cottage

In honor of Presidents’ Day in the U.S.. which celebrates the February birthdays of both President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln, here are some past posts about some not as well-known sites associated with these two famous leaders. George … Continue reading

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President Lincoln’s cottage

I sometimes think that every major historic site has been identified and there cannot possibly be any that have been overlooked. I’m wrong, of course. I recently visited a President Lincoln site that has only been open to the public … Continue reading

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An unexpected Lincoln house

Most people associate Lincoln with Illinois. They do not expect to find Lincoln history in Vermont. On a recent trip to the Green Mountain state, my family visited Hildene, the home of the Lincoln family for 70 years… Robert Todd … Continue reading

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Mrs. Lincoln’s family home

Nineteenth century author Sarah Orne Jewett wrote about visiting the home of the Brontë sisters in England: “Nothing you ever read about them can make you know them until you go there. Never mind people who tell you there is … Continue reading

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The President is shot!

April 14, 1865. After four bloody years the Civil War is all but over. President and Mrs. Lincoln ride to Ford’s Theatre, arriving about twenty minutes after the show has started. While they try to sneak in, it is impossible. The … Continue reading

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The other Lincoln memorial in Washington

Since this is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, it seems appropriate to write about a memorial to him in Washington, D.C. No, not the famous one shown in movies, but one that has become misunderstood over time. Lincoln Park sits twelve blocks east … Continue reading

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Lincoln history and Chinese food

Last night I experienced the power of place in an odd way. Having seen the movie The Conspirator recently, I became intrigued again with the events surrounding the assassination of President Lincoln. I’ve been to Ford’s Theater, site of the … Continue reading

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