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Lexington and Concord revisited

I recently found myself in Lexington and Concord, again. I wasn’t planning this particular visit but my friends and I were traveling back to Boston from a week in Maine and hadn’t booked a hotel over a holiday weekend. For … Continue reading

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Boston’s Public Garden

A late summer evening stroll in Boston’s Public Garden is one of life’s pleasures. Established in 1837 on a salt marsh in what is now the heart of Boston, the garden was one of America’s first public botanical gardens. Its Victorian … Continue reading

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Boston favorites

I just returned from Boston and once again enjoyed walking miles through the neighborhoods. It is truly one of America’s great walkable cities. I took a guided walking tour of historic Beacon Hill and no surprise, ended up on the … Continue reading

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Conflicting thoughts about Plymouth

It’s Thanksgiving in America and our thoughts turn to Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, or Virginia or wherever it really happened. I think Virginia and Massachusetts are still arguing that one. In any case, I visited Plymouth, Massachusetts … Continue reading

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The Grand Army sign

My friend and I were on our way back to Boston after a trip to Maine and stopped in Newburyport, Massachusetts for a lunch break. I’d been there once before and had made a mental note that it was a … Continue reading

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Amazing adaptive reuse in Boston

I love it when historic buildings are saved from the wrecking ball and either restored to former glory or transformed into a dazzling new space. A good adaptive reuse project always intrigues me. While I was visiting Boston, a friend … Continue reading

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Nahant, a New England paradise

Nothing beats a personal tour of someone’s neighborhood. For a while my friend had been inviting me to visit his slice of paradise, an idyllic New England peninsula with Atlantic Ocean on one side and miniature Boston skyline across the … Continue reading

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Pilgrims and Wampanoags

Plimoth Plantation, a  re-created 1620’s English village, sits on a hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean a few miles from Plymouth, Massachusetts, site of the original 1620 settlement. (Plimoth is the spelling used most frequently by Governor William Bradford in his … Continue reading

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Walking in a Victorian gentleman’s shoes

A friend recently offered me the opportunity to experience a history topic I didn’t know much about. He arranged for me to stay at the St. Botolph Club in Boston. Boston is one of my favorite cities because like most … Continue reading

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The Great Refractor at Harvard

I had the unique opportunity recently to visit the Harvard College Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My group enjoyed a star-gazing party on the roof where I saw Saturn and its rings through a telescope for the first time. The highlight … Continue reading

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