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Paradise, an historic inn

“You must book a room at the Paradise Inn!” said my friend Jay when I told him I was going to Mt. Rainier National Park. For years I had wanted to visit the park and every calendar I saw that … Continue reading

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Paddling in a birchbark canoe

I’ve been going to Maine annually for a number of years, going back to a rental house on the water and enjoying the beauty of Mount Desert Island. Most people visit Acadia National Park for the scenery, unrivaled on the … Continue reading

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One of the most powerful historic views

  With a little imagination, the power of place is palpable. Looking out over the tranquil fields today, a visitor to Gettysburg National Military Park can see the long line of gray soldiers moving forward and hear the pounding of … Continue reading

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Imagining Franklin’s house

Having just visited the only Ben Franklin house in the world still standing (in London), I decided to return to Philadelphia, the city where he lived most of his life, to see how the Americans have reinterpreted Ben in a brand … Continue reading

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The President is shot!

April 14, 1865. After four bloody years the Civil War is all but over. President and Mrs. Lincoln ride to Ford’s Theatre, arriving about twenty minutes after the show has started. While they try to sneak in, it is impossible. The … Continue reading

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America’s crown jewel – Independence Hall

If you asked most people to name the crown jewel of American history places, they would probably, maybe, hopefully say Independence Hall in Philadelphia. After all, the nation’s most important documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were debated … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon history

Most people would probably not think of the Grand Canyon as a place of history… geologic history yes, but local history, no. As one of America’s major national parks, it is known for its beauty and grandeur. Sure various Native American groups … Continue reading

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