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Comparing American Revolution Museums – Part 1 – Philadelphia

Two new museums devoted to telling the story of the American Revolution opened within a month of each other in Spring 2017. What are the odds? Philadelphia and Yorktown, Virginia both seemed like obvious places for such a museum. The … Continue reading

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Historic Philadelphia hospitals

Guest post by Jay Blossom Last week I had the misfortune to be treated at two of America’s most historic hospitals, both less than a mile from my house in Philadelphia. On Tuesday night, I spent a few hours in … Continue reading

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One of the most powerful historic views

  With a little imagination, the power of place is palpable. Looking out over the tranquil fields today, a visitor to Gettysburg National Military Park can see the long line of gray soldiers moving forward and hear the pounding of … Continue reading

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A new covered bridge

  Update: The Pinetown covered bridge featured in the blog post below, written a year ago, is now completely finished. I drove over it several times, admiring the fine craftsmanship. Here are some photos. I’m thrilled that Lancaster County Heritage added an … Continue reading

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Sadness in Chocolate town

Hershey, Pennsylvania, or “Chocolatetown, USA,” is a town known all over the world. It’s a magical town with chocolate kiss-shaped streetlights, and streets named Chocolate and Cocoa Avenue, a town literally built on chocolate. The town exists because founder Milton … Continue reading

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Mansions in Fairmount Park

On a recent trip to Philadelphia I went on a long bike ride with a friend. We rode through Fairmount Park, arguably one of the largest urban parks in the country. The park includes a collection of historic estates, many … Continue reading

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Imagining Franklin’s house

Having just visited the only Ben Franklin house in the world still standing (in London), I decided to return to Philadelphia, the city where he lived most of his life, to see how the Americans have reinterpreted Ben in a brand … Continue reading

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The allure of covered bridges

I have taken covered bridges for granted my entire life. I grew up riding my bike on a 5-mile loop through two covered bridges. In the summer I’d put the canoe into the river at one bridge and float down … Continue reading

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Washington Square in Philly

I would venture a guess that most people outside of Philadelphia have never heard of Washington Square, a 6.4 acre park sitting diagonal on the city grid from Independence Hall, birthplace of the United States.  This vast grassy park is … Continue reading

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America’s first theater

I recently attended a play at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, billed as the oldest theater in America (and as the oldest continuously occupied theater in the English-speaking world). I’m always dubious when I see the declaration that a place is … Continue reading

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