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James Madison’s Montpelier

More and more historic sites are beginning to tell the whole story. What I mean is after many decades of avoiding difficult topics, such as slavery, they are pushing past self-imposed boundaries, seeking the complex truth, and striving to find … Continue reading

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The power in a view

I checked into the hotel and walked into my room. It was a room with a view alright — a view south to Canada. Where was I? Detroit. Other than thinking it cool that I was maybe the only place the … Continue reading

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On the run in Indiana

On a recent sunny Wednesday morning I found myself in Indiana with a group of eighth graders (none of whom I knew), wearing very uncomfortable nineteenth-century period shoes, and running from a slave catcher. What? Let me explain. I was … Continue reading

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Places to eat in New Orleans

I just returned from a short trip to New Orleans and since the city is well-known for its culinary goodness, I dutifully did my part to eat in as many restaurants as possible. Many restaurants in the old part of … Continue reading

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