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One of George Washington’s churches

Three churches in northern Virginia are usually associated with George Washington: Pohick Church near Lorton, Christ Church in Alexandria, and the Falls Church in the city that was named for it. All remain active churches today and their exteriors have … Continue reading

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Hands-on colonial farm

I recently visited The Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, Virginia. Having grown up in the Washington D.C suburbs, I was familiar with the multitude of museums, parks, battlefields, historical societies and art galleries in the area. However, I never knew … Continue reading

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Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown – virtually

Historyplaces is about the joy of exploring new historic sites, those powerful places that transport you to another time.  I encourage people to seek out these places on their travels, but the truth is you don’t have to travel to explore … Continue reading

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Another Virginia presidential estate

There’s nothing like visiting a history site on a glorious early spring day after a long cold winter. I had the opportunity to visit President James Monroe’s Highland (as he named it) to hear a book talk during the Virginia Festival of … Continue reading

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History relevance at Mount Vernon

I’m fortunate to live near George Washington’s restored estate, Mount Vernon. I’ve visited in all seasons, in the spring to see the mules, at Christmas to see the camel and taste the chocolate, in early summer to see the farm site, and in the … Continue reading

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George Washington danced here

Gadsby’s Tavern was on my list of historic sites to visit for many years, but I could visit it any time so never did. Finally, I can cross it off the list. The occasion of a friend’s birthday celebration brought me there for … Continue reading

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Icon of the American Frontier

At milepost 5.8, the very northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, sits an iconic symbol of American individualism: a small log cabin and farm. A weathered split-rail fence delineates a small clearing, surrounded by the forests of the Blue Ridge … Continue reading

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Jefferson’s masterpiece

  It was not the ideal, sunny crisp fall day I’d hoped for…with clouds hanging low, I knew the spectacular views from the little mountain would be minimal. But, I would be passing through Charlottesville and wanted to stop at one of … Continue reading

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The house in the cemetery

Just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. sits a columned house looking like a Greek temple with a commanding view of the city.  Down the steep hill outside its front door flickers the eternal flame at President John F. … Continue reading

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Jamestown’s foothold in the New World

The three ships look surprisingly small for an ocean voyage. Even smaller when you consider that 104 passengers were crammed into them for five months. Reproductions of the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery sit at anchor in a cove of the James … Continue reading

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