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The fate of Carter’s Grove

The fate of Carter’s Grove

Great article in the Washington Post about one of America’s grandest historic homes, Carter’s Grove in Williamsburg, Virginia and the sad story of its fate. 

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The President and his mules

Nope, not President Harry Truman, who said “My favorite animal is the mule. He has more horse sense than a horse.” You may be surprised which president. Last spring I was doing some research about the history of mules in … Continue reading

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A small Virginia farm

I love when I unexpectedly discover a new history site that’s in my backyard. Recently a friend suggested we visit Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane, Virginia. I’d heard of it, but didn’t know anything about it. Located an hour … Continue reading

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Thinking of Jefferson on President’s Day

Monday is President’s Day in the U.S. While we normally think about Washington and Lincoln, since their birthdays were in February, the third President Thomas Jefferson seems to be the President whose name is popping up everywhere in recent days. His restored … Continue reading

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Visiting the Moon

Let’s talk about a history site that is not open to visitors and that only twelve people have ever visited… the Moon. Did you ever think about the Moon as a history site? Some day in the future, it is … Continue reading

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Civil War Christmas at Fort Ward

I recently stopped by my local historic site to visit a Civil War encampment, with a Christmas theme. Wasn’t really sure what that meant. Fort Ward sits just outside of Alexandria, Virginia and was one of 68 major earthwork forts … Continue reading

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The unexpected Mount Vernon

You know you’re a history geek when… you get excited about visiting a basement. OK, this wasn’t just any old basement. It was the basement of probably America’s most famous historic house (after the White House). I recently had the opportunity … Continue reading

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A country church

I love taking drives along the country roads of Virginia, especially this time of year. One of the many neat features of the state is the historic churches that dot the landscape. Their histories reveal all kinds of interesting stories related … Continue reading

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The power of Appomattox

Last year on a trip to view the autumn colors with my family, I convinced them to stop at Appomattox Court House, site of Lee’s surrender to Grant in April 1865 which essentially heralded the end of the Civil War.  It was my … Continue reading

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Confederate White House

I just returned from a conference in Richmond with my history colleagues from around the United States. The theme was Commemoration: the Promise of Remembrance and New Beginnings. Since we’re in the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, various sessions focused … Continue reading

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