Our favorite history places

Our Favorite History Places is a feature on Historyplaces where I ask my public historian friends to talk about their favorite history sites and share some of the challenges they face presenting history to visitors. If you’re a public historian and you’d like to participate, please contact me. 

Bob Sutton – Chief Historian, U.S. National Park Service

Carolyn Gilman – Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Patricia Brooks – public historian in Washington, D.C.

Bill Peterson – Arizona Historical Society, Flagstaff, AZ

Max van Balgooy – President of Engaging Places, LLC 

Linnea Grim – Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, VA

Bethany Hawkins – American Association for State and Local History, Nashville, TN

Michelle Moon – most recently at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA

Bob Beatty – The Lyndhurst Group, formerly of AASLH

2 Responses to Our favorite history places

  1. Thanks for your articles. I added a feed from History Places to my blog, http://storiesfromipswich.org/

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